My Vision

I want to support women around the globe and help them heal, connect with their heart and rekindle their relationship with Allah so they can achieve all that they hope to in life.

My belief is that we are all on the same path in life and are here for a short time, thus we have to make this life worthwhile. However, in the attempts to do so we find our selves amidst trials and trauma which hinders our growth. My aim is to help women navigate through these difficult experiences in life so that they can come out stronger and in tune with themselves, putting them in the perfect place to worship Allah and change the world.

I do this through:

       Coaching                     Speaking                       Writing

I get it. This life is hard. I have experienced my share of struggles in life. Heartbreak. Confusion. Attachments. Divorce. Marriage. Miscarriage and more.

I assure you though that it is easier when you have support along the way.

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