Assalamu 'alaykum (May peace be upon you),

My name is Kulsoom Kazim. I am a certified life coach, motivational speaker and author. I hold a Bachelors Degree in psychology from York University. I am also a semester away from completing my associates degree in Islamic Sciences from Mishkah University. In addition, I am working towards my ijazah in Quran and Tajweed.

As I go through life, I realize that heartbreak, pain and confusion is a common struggle of many women. I learned how to navigate through difficult moments in my life which left me in the perfect place to rebuild my self and make my attempts to leaving my mark on this world. This is why I find it extremely important to share those lessons with you and help you in your journey of healing and growing so you too can make a difference in this world and accomplish all that you hope to accomplish all while rekindling your relationship with Allah.

Here's what others say about me: 

I knew that I needed some help knowing how to manage my time as I felt my life getting busier and busier. I just did not know how exactly to tackle my responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled. Kulsoom, with her amazing and sweet personality, was a wonderful mentor and most importantly, a friend to me during our sessions. The sessions were client based as she only focused on me and my own strengths and weaknesses and how I can overcome the. She helped me discover ways to better organize my self...
— Marjaan A, Toronto, Canada
My journey with Kulsoom was really fulfilling alhamdulillah. I learnt a lot about my self that I didn’t know before. Kulsoom helped me to understand my emotions and manage my priorities. Life Coaching with Kulsoom was a positive experience for me. Kulsoom was patient, approachable and understanding which made the coaching process easy and enjoyable. I strongly recommend working with Kulsoom for inspiring sessions and wonderful results.
— Duaa M, Toronto, Canada
Kulsoom has taught me to know myself. She helped me to be action oriented and dig down in to those thoughts which kept me going forward. I have become more self-aware and feel more in control and confident. Her positivity and her action plans are what motivates us as a person to be more than what we only think we are. There is always a fix when you believe in yourself and Allah.
— Ayeza B, Toronto, Canada
I started coaching with Kulsoom with 2 aims in mind. One was to start my own coaching program and secondly recover from divorce. Some of the most impactful sessions we had was when we dug into my own beliefs about my self and my narratives. The exercise we did changed the way I look at my self and that is very important for everyone. How we look at ourself matters more than how other people see us. I am now much more confident. I am working on my own goals and helping others with their confidence struggle along the way. Thank you Kulsoom for your support and for being there.
— Jahn M, Malaysia
A few years ago I realized my connection with Allah had been broken and I had no hope of getting out of the mess I felt I was in. I couldn’t understand what was going wrong and there were many underlying factors that contributed to this. Alhamdulillah after working with Kulsoom I began the process of healing. She provided that listening space and most importantly she made me realize my own limitations and the importance of Allah. I couldn’t thank her enough. If I didn’t have coaching I am not sure where I would be right now.
— Aisha K, U.S.A
I really felt like I needed someone who would listen to me and she did exactly that. I have difficulty expressing my emotions but through her detailed questions, I was able to break things down with her and find the solution I needed. She really has helped me realize the bigger picture in life and to be happy and content with the Qadr of Allah! The reminder that Allah is always with you is something we all need time to time and I’m so glad Kulsoom was able to remind me of that at a time I most needed it.
— Nirusha, M, Toronto Canada