Go from “surviving” to “thriving” in 6 months.

Are you a woman who …
– wants to get guidance on how to make Allah the Front and Center of your life?
– is seeking a safe space, where she can learn how to label her emotions, and listen to herself?
– needs help managing anxiety and stress?
– has experienced trauma, or past negative experiences, and wants to heal?
– desires improved relationships and wants to set healthy boundaries?
– wants to obtain self-confidence to live your best life?
– is tired of not seeing results when it comes to growth?
– wants to learn what it’s like to be a mindful Muslimah?

I want you to imagine your life a year from today, where you have strengthened your bond with Allah, yourself, and those around you. Where you have made better decisions in your life, have put in the effort to start validating your emotions, and formed positive beliefs that will stay with you forever.

Imagine that you’ve reset your thoughts, and have gotten to the root of your limiting beliefs.

By the end of our journey, you have shifted your core perspectives, and gained conviction in your faith, self, and abilities.

Imagine the happiness, relief, and contentment you would feel. As if you’ve finally come home.

Through Coaching, you will…

Get a place to cry, heal, laugh & grow
Have an accountability partner that will help you stay on top of your game
Be equipped with endless strategy building sessions
Gain a safe space to open up & be vulnerable
Get reminded that it is OK not to meet societal standards
Work with someone who genuinely cares, period

You deserve to be heard.  And I’m here to listen.

“The best time to act was yesterday.  The second best time is right now.”