Lectures & Workshops

Importance of Self Esteem
Balancing Deen and Dunya
Importance of Vision
Incorporating Self Care
The Rise of Feminism
Roles of Mothers
Breaking Barriers with Youth (WRKSHP)
Limiting Beliefs/Confidence (WRKSHP)

Past Engagements

York University (Confidence, Vision)
Islamic Relief – Inspofest (Motivation)
Annisa Conference (Breaking Barriers with youth)
Pickering Islamic Centre (Confidence)
Masjid Al Jannah (Mothers)
W-Squad (Panel Discussion)
i3 Islamic Institute (Feminism)

I believe that speaking is a way to touch the hearts of many and workshops provide a safe space for people to open up and learn practical skills. I have outlined above, some of the topics I can deliver lectures & workshops on.
However, I can always form a unique talk based on the organization’s needs. Please use the contact form below to book me for your next event!
Looking forward to speaking at your next event!